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and Situational Awareness

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Where others see overwhelming obstacles, we see challenges to be met. Those trained in Special Operations are equipped with a significant edge. We have the agility to anticipate change, initiate action, generate confidence, liberate thinking and evaluate results. That's why companies and organizations on a mission to be better look to our expertise.

Organizational development and leadership training is an area that I am truly passionate about. I am admittedly biased, but I believe SEAL Teams are the gold-standard when it comes to high-performing teams. There are fundamental concepts ingrained in each SEAL that allow the teams to perform at such a high level. The results speak for themselves. Though applied differently, these concepts are as relevant in the business world as they are on the battlefield. When each member of an organization understands, internalizes and applies the Navy SEAL approach to effective communication, trust, delegation and preparation, the sky is the limit.

Every day companies send their employees to different places of potential opportunity. While it is necessary to travel, it is also important to recognize that the world can be a dangerous place. Some areas are, of course, much more dangerous than others. This is as true in the U.S. as it is anywhere else in the world. Higher-risk areas are known as non-permissive environments. As excited as I am about developing high-performing teams, I'm even more passionate about people returning home safely from their travels. Non-Permissive Environment Training (NonPET) is a behavioral-training program designed and delivered by Navy SEALs to maximize the personal safety and professional productivity of those traveling on business.

But that's just part of the mission.

What most excites me about consulting is the opportunity to foster employment opportunities for heroes as they complete their service to our nation. As the demand for these services grows, so too will the number of retired Navy SEALs I can see joining me in this venture. We'll be able to scale the consulting practice to serve more clients. At the same time, tier-one operators — with boots on the ground, so to speak — will ensure that the quality of our services, especially NonPET advisement, remains at the highest levels.

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