Making Every Day Veterans Day

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Helping veterans in need. There's no more valiant cause. That's why I encourage all who are able to reach out to veteran-focused charities, support veteran-run businesses and back career-development opportunities for vets in transition.

Making the transition is a challenge. I know from experience. That's why I remain actively involved with charities such as Your Grateful Nation.

Who Your Grateful Nation Is

United States Special Operations Forces repeatedly risk their lives to keep America safe — a sacrifice that far outweighs their compensation. Your Grateful Nation is an IRS-approved Public Charity (IRS # 46-2657728) dedicated to supporting U.S. combat veterans and their families during and after their transition from the military to civilian life.

The organization’s initial focus is to serve exclusively the Special Operations community, and associated personnel, who have faced combat and high-risk missions. Services and grants provided vary by case but include employment transition services, paid internships, cooperative education and family stabilization support.

Why Your Grateful Nation Works

Finding a job in today’s competitive market is difficult enough for the average individual. It’s even harder for service members who've spent the last decade deploying to combat zones. This is especially true for those transitioning from years of service within a Special Operations unit.

Where others see challenges, we see advantages. In fact, Special Operations veterans are equipped with a significant edge over many of their civilian counterparts. The fundamental difference: Special Operations veterans embody and demonstrate agility by anticipating change, initiating action, generating confidence, liberating thinking and evaluating results. Skills every employer on a mission to succeed would hope to have from their team.

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