• January 12, 2015
  • FOX & Friends - FOX News

Rob O’Neill Shares His Thoughts on How to Fight Radical Islam

Robert J. O'Neill Fox and Friends Interview

Terrorists are Good at Evolving Methods Based on the West's Tactics.​

Rob made another appearance on FOX & Friends, this time to discuss what it will take to defeat radical Islam. He began by addressing the problems that arise when people immigrate to a country and then segregate themselves from their new communities.

These are isolated communities within countries like France where Sharia law is being enforced and young people are attending madrasas that focus on religious indoctrination rather than education. O’Neill stated, “[The young people in these communities] are not really learning the tolerance they need to integrate with societies in which they’ve moved.”

He went on to point out that when you combine these isolated communities with radical Islam, it’s essentially a recipe for terrorism.

O’Neill stressed that, “extremists are bad anywhere.” With respect to the Paris terror attacks he continued, “It is Islamic extremism and we need to deal with them. The best way for us to deal with them is finding out where they are being radicalized, which is in some of the mosques. And we need to find the clerics that are preaching this stuff and have other Islamic leaders talk to them.”

He concluded the interview by discussing the dangers of giving organizations like ISIS the ability to train new terrorists (frighteningly similar to the situation in Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda trained the terrorist who ultimately carried out the 9/11 attacks).

When O'Neill was asked how long it takes to train a terrorist, he said it doesn't take much time at all. "They need the ideology and they need to know which end of the gun is the business end and they need a target."