Invaluable Lessons from a Navy SEAL Leader

Highly decorated Navy SEAL Robert J. O'Neill has no plans to divulge classified information. No secrets will be shared. No code of silence broken.

What he does promise to deliver through his speaking engagements are gripping stories, effective strategies and a highly motivational message your organization won't soon forget.

Transforming Navy SEAL Experience into Winning Strategies

Learn how the same lessons that helped him survive more than 400 combat missions across four theaters of war and the same attitude that helped him earn a spot on the Navy's most elite special missions unit can help all of us aim higher and stand stronger.

Gain invaluable insight into how the military's "best of the best" plan for success when mission failure is not an option.

From preparation, risk assessment and stress management, to leading rather than micromanaging and above all never quitting — Rob demonstrates how applying these military tenets can make us winning warriors in business and in life.


Real people. Real feedback.