• June 27, 2015
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A Day of Terror in Tunisia, France and Kuwait

FOX News Alert Rob O'Neill

Deadly Attacks Hit Three Countries Within Hours.

It’s not enough that ISIS is running amok in the Middle East. Last week, following a trio of bloody attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait, the ruthless terrorist organization showed the world their reign of terror and fight for dominance knows no bounds.

As reported by FOX News Channel (FNC) anchors, Anna Kooiman and Tucker Carlson, the three attacks that occurred on June 26 within hours of each other included an explosion and beheading at an American-owned gas factory…the fatal shooting of 39 beachgoers at a popular Tunisian coastal resort…and the bombing of a Shia mosque in Kuwait during Ramadan, which killed at least 27 people and injured more than 200.

Could the United States be next? National security experts seem to think so. Even before these three deadly attacks took place, the Feds warned of the strong likelihood of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

The Fourth of July is days away. If anti-American terrorists are aiming for symbolism and spectacle, what better opportunity. FNC contributor and former Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill concurs, the U.S. should be very concerned. He joins Kooiman and Carlson to share his perspective.

Highlights from their exchange:

Kooiman: “This (warning) came out from the Feds before these attacks. Is this something we need to be worried about ahead of Independence Day?”

O’Neill: “Absolutely, but we should be worried about it every day, especially with our border on the south that’s not secure at all. We’ve got refugees from Iraq coming in pretty much every single day. You don’t know who else is coming over. These are just the people turning themselves in. They remember they’re at war with us even though we sometimes we forget. Yeah, they’re going to hit us here.”

Carlson: “It seems that as chaos increases in the Middle East, as central governments fall or become destabilized…in Syria, Libya, Iraq…the threat grows. Do you see a connection?”

O’Neill: “The threat’s growing because the radical Muslims, the Sunni Muslims, are pretty much taking it over. That’s ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram. They’re not afraid of anybody. Nobody’s doing anything about it. We’re letting them run amok. They’ve got the caliphate. They’ve got this mystique. They own the social media. They’re gloried to a lot of radicalized Muslims in other countries.”

Kooiman: “We’ve heard some terrorism analysts say that it’s dangerous to call these attacks lone wolf style attacks, because we need to be fighting the ideology as a whole; that it doesn’t matter where these people are getting radicalized. It matters that they’re carrying out their plans.”

O’Neill: “We need a real coalition. We say we have 60 counties doing whatever we say we’re doing. We’re not doing much. We need to take the lead, get our Muslim friends involved. We need a real army. We need help from both Sunni and Shia. We need everything from killing the bad guys to educating the younger people. Whether or not we like it, we’re in a 300-year war right now.”

Kooiman: “That attack that happened in southeastern France. It wasn’t long before authorities came out and they called it terror. Is that something we need to be doing here in the United States?”

O’Neill: “Absolutely. There’s a time for political correctness and there’s a time to be realistic. A terrorist attack is a terrorist attack. We’re not good at calling it that because we’re too afraid of offending people. Personally, I’d rather be offended than dead.”

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