• October 6, 2015
  • Fox & Friends — FOX News

We Knew the Risk Going in and Were Willing to Take It

Rob O'Neill on Fox and Friends

It‘s Part of the Job Description.

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill recently made a guest appearance on FOX & Friends to weigh in on an alarming news announcement:

ISIS is buying nuclear materials from of all people: the Russians.

As FOX News anchor Brian Kilmeade explains, as part of a five-year operation, the FBI recently busted smugglers peddling radioactive materials to terrorists, as least one of which was an ISIS operative.

Kilmeade goes on to clarify that this discovery does not mean that the Russian government is involved. More likely it’s the work of Russian gangs. He’s joined by fellow FOX & Friends hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy.

Highlights of their interview with Rob O’Neill:

Doocy: “Rob, so what do you make of this?”

O’Neill: “Part of the fallout of the Russian government…the KGB dismantling, but still they’re there. A lot of the guys who were part of that secret group are part of a criminal organization and now they’re trying to sell, what I’ve been hearing is cesium, things like that. Basically, they’re looking to make some money. I lot of these rational Islamic groups want to buy anything they can to make a dirty bomb and get it to the United States.”

Doocy: “That’s all it would take. It doesn’t have to be an atomic warhead. They could put it with some explosives, blow up some cesium and it would contaminate a block or two. The headline around the world would be: ‘nuke hit on America’.”

O’Neill: “All they need is the threat of a weapon and they’re going to get people nervous. As long as they can affect anything with commerce, as far as trade, as far as travel, they’re going to do it.”

Hasselbeck: “Rob, I’ve got to ask you about this…your name and address, recently published by ISIS, saying you’re their number one target…giving instructions on how to find you and kill you. How do you handle that?”

O’Neill: “I’ve been aware of that since the day my team and I went in and shot Osama bin Laden. We knew this would happen. My name’s been leaked several times, not quite on this scale. We have stuff in place…security measures that I’m not going to talk about. We were prepared for it. We’re still prepared for it. It’s not just myself they target. Every member of the military is a target. We as a nation need to wake up and realize this is a real threat.”

Doocy: “Rob, what do we know about this ISIS recruiter who put out the hit on you? She, apparently a British citizen known as Mrs. Terror (Sally Ann Jones), is regarded as one of the most dangerous ISIS recruiters. Then again, she’s just tapping out a twitter message hoping that some lone wolf here in the United States reads it.”

O’Neill: “She’s doing the social media thing. And she’s able to recruit people right now because we’re not really doing much about the Islamic State. They’re over there turning it into what they want. They only people showing leadership overseas right now against anyone are the Russians.”

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