• December 6, 2015
  • FOX 31 Denver

Threat of Terror on U.S. Soil Very Real: “ISIS is in All 50 States.”

Robert J. O'Neill on FOX 31 Denver

“They Need to Be Stopped.”

As a FOX News contributor, former Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill may be part of a national news network, but last Sunday night he was honored go local to share his outspoken views on terrorism. He sat down with FOX 31 Denver reporter Kevin Torres for an exclusive interview.

Highlights of their exchange:

O’Neill: “One of the things they (ISIS) don’t do is lie. They tell us every day they want to murder us, not in the most pleasant ways, and they need to be stopped because they’re too inspirational.”

Torres: “You’re saying that they’re here already…they’re even here in Denver.”

O’Neill: “From what I hear…from my sources…ISIS is in all 50 states. There are supporters in sleeper cells waiting to be activated. And they’re going to do what they’re going to do…mass shooters…”

[As reported by Torres, O’Neill emphasizes the need for citizens to be more vigilant about notifying authorities about strange activity, regardless of fear of being called an “Islamophobe.”]

Torres: “What else can our country do to make sure we’re safe?”

O’Neill: “The big one is the migrants. (At this time, O’Neill is against single Syrian males being allowed into the United States.) Even when they say women and children don’t pose a threat, they proved a couple of days ago (in San Bernardino) that woman can be a threat. Children can be a threat. They’re teaching children as young as two to cut heads off dolls.”

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