• December 6, 2015
  • Fox & Friends — FOX News

Terrorist Threat Against the United States “Worse Than Pre-9/11”

Rob O'Neill on Fox and Friends

For Some Reason We’d Rather Talk about Climate Change,” Laments O'Neill.

In the wake of the devastating San Bernardino shootings that left 14 dead and 21 injured, President Obama is scheduled to make a rare Oval Office address. Among the many people anxious to hear from the Commander in Chief: former Navy SEAL Robert J. O'Neill.

Appearing on FOX & Friends with hosts Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris, O'Neill is candid about what he hopes the President will say…and more importantly do to win the war on terror.

Morris: "What does the President need to say tonight to help reassure Americans?"

O'Neill: "I'm hoping the President mentions that we need to have boots on the ground in Syria. We need to take back the capital of Raqqa, Syria with, probably, the United States Marine Corps. We need pretty much a unilateral offensive mission to crush these people."

Carlson: "A lot of people, a lot of Americans, looking at the San Bernardino terror attacks were shocked to see a woman involved, shocked to see any woman around ISIS. They have medieval attitudes about women and yet women from the West seem to join up. What do you make of that?"

O'Neill: "They're shocked to see women in the fight because they've never seen women in the fight. I've been in gunfights before in Afghanistan where I've had to talk a woman out of picking up a gun from a dead man's hand. They were at the bin Laden raid, acting as human shields. These women are a problem. These unvetted migrants, or whatever they call them, are problems. These military aged males are a problem. We have a group of people that are fighting a holy war against us. We just refuse to admit who they are."

Morris: "Are you frustrated with the way President's responds?"

O'Neill: "I'm extremely frustrated. No one wants to admit what it is. These people are trying to kill us because we don't believe in their god. It's that simple."

Carlson: "The policy makers don't seem to want to admit it or maybe they don't understand."

O'Neill: "Of course they don't. It seems like they would rather have innocent civilians get killed than offend people. We have 100 American citizens that we know of that have fought on the front lines with ISIS in Syria—and for some reason we'd rather talk about climate change. This is worse than pre-9/11. They have the caliphate. They have the Islamic State. They're training people to kill us, and they're going to keep killing us."