• March 22, 2016
  • FOX & Friends — FOX NEWS

A Deadly Day in Belgium

FOX News Alert Rob O'Neill

O’Neill: “We’re Not Doing Enough in Raqqa Where the Center of This is. It’s Easy for Them to Hit Civilians — Worldwide.”

In the midst of the carnage and confusion. Before the dust had even settled, officials and military experts including former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill were certain: ISIS was to blame for the deadly bombings at the Brussels Airport.

Appearing on FOX & Friends with Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, O’Neill offers his theories as the story of the deadly attack hit the airways:

Doocy: “Rob, your observation about what’s going on in Brussels today.”

O’Neill: “This is a big problem with the caliphate that we have going on in Syria. Look at the attacks in Paris. They were ordered in Syria. They were planned in Belgium and then carried out in France. Shows how it’s a multinational problem. Not just ISIS but al Qaeda.”

Earhardt: “Rob, a lot of people that we’ve been interviewing this morning said when they looked at the news they thought, oh gosh, here we go again. You’re saying this isn’t the last of it. We’re going to see more.”

O’Neill: “This is definitely not the last of it. These attackers, they might have come in with the migrant problem, some of them. I’d be willing to bet they were there. A lot of these attackers grew up in these places. There are parts of Belgium, parts of France, up in Norway, Sweden where a lot of police and law enforcement cannot go. These people are almost fighting on their home turf. Don’t get me wrong. They are coming in with the migrants. They told us they would. They’re going to be crossing our border, too, in Mexico.”

Kilmeade: “It seems as though they’re not content anymore fighting American or allied troops or special forces, in your case. Now they seem to be really relishing the opportunity to kill innocent people.”

O’Neill: “Yeah, it’s easy for them to hit civilians right now. We need to take Raqqa back. We need to get rid of this supposed caliphate. The recruiting does not come from Guantanamo Bay. It comes from the caliphate and the capital is Raqqa. Once we take that back you can stop all these young, radicalized Muslim hotheads from being recruited and fighting, because they’re pretty much running with free rein. They’re worried about who’s the next suicide bomber. We’re worried about whether we offend them.”

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