• July 31, 2016
  • FOX & Friends — FOX NEWS

Decade-Long bin Laden Mission Was Bigger Than One Individual

Fox & Friends — Rob O'Neill

O’Neill: “Everyone That Was Involved Deserves Credit.”

You can’t blame the Hillary Clinton camp for taking credit at the DNC for taking out Osama bin Laden. After all, every American wanted a shot at him. We know she was in the situation room when the raid went down, but can we say it was credit where credit was due?

The man who pulled the trigger on bin Laden, former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, shares his reaction on FOX & Friends with hosts Anna Kooiman, Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris.

Carlson: “So, Rob, when you were charging up the stairs of bin Laden’s compound, was Hillary in front of you or behind you?”

O’Neill: “She should have voted to go after bin Laden. I don’t know who in their right mind in any position of defense would say, ‘no, we’re not going after bin Laden.’ I shot bin Laden. I don’t try to take credit for the mission. Everyone that was involved deserves credit. No one mentions the pilots that flew us in that could have been killed or the air crew that was involved. I haven’t heard her mention the CIA. It’s not like this Administration came into office and all of a sudden there are brand-new CIA members, you know. These are the same people that worked for Clinton, worked for Bush, worked for Obama…large, large team trying to find him.”

Morris: “We’ve seen this through the years, both parties will play politics with situations like this. Does it bother you?”

O’Neill: “No, it doesn’t bother me. She made a good call. She should have argued for it. It’s not like they risked their own lives to do it. It was a huge team for many, many years through three administrations.”

Morris: “Everyone who knows her knows she’s pretty hawkish. She voted for the Iraq War.”

O’Neill: “She knows a lot about foreign policy. She has a lot of experience, from being the First Lady, up to being a senator to being the Secretary of State. She did vote for the war in Iraq. She can’t say that now because she won’t get the far left vote.”

Kooiman: “It’s been reported that both candidates, now that they officially have the nominations, they’ll start to get their intelligence briefings for national security. Both candidates have argued that the other one isn’t fit to have that information in their hands. What do you think?”

O’Neill: “I do think they’re both smart enough to take advice from people. They both have experience. Mr. Trump, although he has no experience in government, knows how to build teams, how to succeed. He’ll surround himself with a lot of generals. She has experience in the State Department. She knows what’s going on, too. They’ll both take their briefings seriously. I think it’s a little different behind closed doors than it is out in the public.”

Carlson: “In a good way, probably. I hope.”

O’Neill: “I hope so. I’m trying to be optimistic.”

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